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If you are reading this, it means the site loaded from  HostGator, my new, awesome web host.  For you, this means pages should load in a fraction of the time (2 seconds instead of 5 for the main page).  It also means there is a new, updated gallery with a more efficient and modern code base that will also load faster and look better.  A lot of you have been complaining about speed, and hopefully those complaints will now disappear.   For me, the upgrade also yields a number of hyper-nerdy advantages:

  1.  I can have unlimited SQL databases instead of being limited to two, which among other things allowed me to upgrade from Gallery2 to Gallery3 and enables future expansion of the site if I so desire.
  2. Faster upload speeds which should save a lot of time uploading all those pictures of my baby you come here  to admire.
  3. Host Gator uses the fantastic and powerful Cpanel site config software, which is superior to StartLogic’s Vdeck
  4. I can ssh into my server and do stuff like delete a directory in two seconds which could take hours before via FTP.
  5. Rsync support, which will make the backups I do from my NAS at home less of a kludge.
  6. I’ve consolidated domain hosting and web hosting, which centralizes administration for me and should reduce the chance of outages (like last year) since I only have to maintain one account.
  7. It’s much cheaper, due to the aforementioned consolidation of hosts and more competitive pricing – only about $41 a year.
  8. Best of all, Host Gator migrated the entire site for me for free.   This saved me untold hours of debug and frustration (don’t worry, there was still some of that).

The old gallery will stick around for a while – all the pictures are already imported to gallery3, but I need to update the old links or decide it’s not that important.  I wanted to make this new version of the site 100% shiny new before making it live, but this isn’t possible due some of the idiosyncrasies of gallery3 wordpress plugins running on a server that didn’t resolve without host file overrides.   That was fun to write, but it was not easy to figure out.  You don’t care.

2 thoughts on “Fitter Happier More Productive”

  1. So how much kick-back are you getting for this advertising? Kidding. Sounds intriguing, and I know from experience that StartLogic has the slooowwwest databases ever. I may be compelled to make the switch too. Did you have your domain through before? Was it hard to transfer?

  2. Yup, it was before. Transfer is straightforward, but it takes a few days to propagate. You need to unlock your domain from the old host and get a transfer code from them, then give it to the new guys. The hostgator registrar interface is not integrated, so the only advantage is a bit o’ savings.

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