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12 Months

It’s been a fantastic first year for Belle, and we’re have more and more fun with her every day. Enjoy the pics and vids of her birthday party and other adventures this month. Thanks to all the friends and family who made it special.

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The Sad Face

The picture below is blurry, because you only have one second to capture this face before the bawling starts. Even so, it’s my favorite expression. There are many smiley faces as well in the latest pics . . .

Belle 3 Months

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Belle hasn’t really developed any awesome skills since my last post , though she continues to polish her existing stuff. She still doesn’t really know she has arms and legs attached, though she does flail them with a lot more force than she used to. She also will carry on a conversation of coos and gurgles if you parrot them back at her. Overall, she’s a very happy baby who’s growing fast at over 14 pounds (93rd percentile!).

Belle Week 3 and 4

Belle had her one month checkup and is up to 4700g/10.5lbs – so the eating is going well.  Cynthia claims she rolled over and I claim she smiled on demand.  Neither of us co-witnessed these events so it’s just hearsay at this point.

Belle Week 4 and 5

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